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Looking to enter a university or college? Congratulations, earning your degree after graduating school will help you enjoy better career options and financial opportunities when holding a Master’s or Doctoral diploma. Note that upon entering a Law school or Medical school, you’ll be instructed to write an admission essay as a part of the document package all future students are sked to submit.

Admissions essay is also known as application essay, personal statement, or a statement of purpose. As a rule, it’s a standard narrative essay on either an open-minded, free topic or a specific theme suggested by the acceptance committee. College admission essays are assigned to evaluate applicant’s analytical and creative thinking, as sometimes topics are quite weird. For example, “What would you do with a half-full jar of honey?”, “What is the locomotive inner-chamber engine construction?”, “Which of James Bond’s actors is the best?” Topic can sound strange and hands down provoking, but thus professors seek to learn whether a student is ready to work under pressure, find solutions to difficult tasks quickly, and complete most challenging assignments up to par. College and university study is highly stressful and brings in heavy workload, so that the board would like to know that new students are up for the challenge.

College admissions essay hints for you

Essays for college admission are always quality compositions which show applicant’s outmost writing ability. Do you think that an open topic would’ve been a better option? We don’t think so, because a free choice of topic is a tricky one too, for you’ll have to draw up a narrative which aims to highlight your persona among thousands of other college applicants, which is a task that is way more difficult than it sounds. Here’re a couple of hints you’ll have to keep in mind:

  • Pick a Topic Which Makes You Stand Out – Avoid doing an admissions essay which praises a particular college, says how awesome professors are and how many good books a local library has. Better tell an engaging story about yourself which made you choose college education, share some insights into your extracurricular activities and social work done in high school, etc.
  • Focus on Your Stronger Sides – Brag is off limits, however a portion of healthy, humble praise of your educational achievements will do plenty of good. Mention all the Math competitions you took prize places on, medals won, certificates granted, etc. Don’t forget to showcase analytical and creative skills, preferably on real-life examples and cases connected to academia.
  • Don’t Tell, Show – Writing that you’re a well-rounded student with a broad worldview isn’t just enough. What professors are waiting you to do is provide actual examples of how you aced a certain academic puzzle and what kind of experience did you get.
  • Avoid Flattery – Studying in college is a great honor, hundreds of thousands of Americans never had such opportunity, everyone gets it. But in your essay, there’s no need to point such things out. Better focus purely on academia and those areas you can contribute to. Know your worth, though. For a college, having you as a student is as honorable as for you entering it, so it’s a partnership of equals!
  • Use Your Own Mind – Admissions essays where a student uses lots of quotes and someone else’s words is a faulty one. It’s a personal narrative you have to deliver, that’s why a manuscript has to convey your own language, way of thinking, speculations and deduction.

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Admission essays done right

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