Age of responsibility

In the US, the age of responsibility is 21, however, a lot of people have doubts about this certain number. Can there be any number to call someone responsible? Does the number define whether you can be fully responsible for your words and actions?

We are all different. You can say that we all come of our mothers' wombs, then go to school, study in universities, work, date, get married, create families, and eventually die. We all have been raised in various environments, have been taught different things by our parents and we all have our unique understanding about being responsible. There are a lot of factors that influence us during our lives, such as religion, political views, etc.

Society does not respect young people until they become 21. “Age of responsibility” puts pressure on us because our parents and other people who surround us expect us to be smart and avoid making mistakes. However, it sounds a bit funny because how is it even possible to change over one night?

There are plenty of teenagers at the age of 16 who work hard to get money because their parents are sick and have no abilities to make living themselves. Those kids have to support themselves and take care of their parents. However, there are plenty of women and men in their mid-thirties who are too fussy about work, always complain about life, blame others and do nothing themselves. So, is there an actual age that you can refer to being responsible?

Doctors proved that puberty in not finished until 25 and researches show that our brain is not developed until the same age. The statistics say that a little percent of young people in the age of 21 can make intelligent decisions. The majority of so-called age of responsibility do not understand much about crime, law regulations and are rarely interested in things like that.

For example, in the Middle Ages, a man could wear a full suit of armor once he turned 21. Nowadays, in the US, young people who turned 21 can buy alcohol and cigarettes. However, do those things make them responsible? A lot of accidents happen because of alcohol. So, who can prove that 21 is the right age for a person to become responsible? What about those world-famous sportsmen who became famous at the age of 18 and brought golden medals to their countries? The whole world found out about them for being very hard-working, dedicated, and talented. How can we not call them responsible?

How can we not call poor children in India responsible when they have to make their living just by spending days and nights on the street? They do their best to survive looking for food, asking for money, and coping with people who hate beggars.

In different countries, responsibility begins in 16, 18, or 21. It proves that there is no certain age when we can call a person responsible. Age is only a number that shows how old a person is. The feeling of responsibility comes with a deep understanding of actions and consequences. We all one day become responsible. First for ourselves, then for grades at school and university, after for the job we do to get a salary, and finally about our children. Responsibility comes with experience that we gain every single day.

Age of responsibility is only a political issue that wants us to subscribe to it and be obliged to it. Therefore, the society calls poor people irresponsible and defines rich people as very responsible. Maybe we should all be the same and live in the society of equal. Maybe we should focus our attention on other values.