Application Essay

So, you are finishing school, and it is time to start all the application process. Most students feel terrified with just one thought of it. And so must you, as it is hard to stay calm and not worry when your future education and career are at stake.

So, you have to pull yourself together, face your fears and finally get to business. Apart from all the documents and forms, you need to feel out for every school, you should also concentrate on delivering the proper message on your admission piece.

However, spending sleepless nights trying to write something and feeling stressed out every waking moment is not the only way to handle this task. In this article, we’ll introduce you to several ways of how to create an excellent piece either through professional services or by yourself. So, let’s start with the first option.

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However, if you’re still willing to create a piece yourself, then save our next useful tips which will make your writing significantly better.

How to write an excellent application essay

If you feel that you have enough experience and knowledge to craft a winning essay for application, then here is a piece of advice you can use to craft the best papers.

Before you get down to business

Don’t rush in writing before you figure out little details we will mention for you here. They’re very important and will define how good your paper will be. So, make sure you save them and apply.

What is an application essay?

It’s a part of the whole application process. You attach it to the other documents you send to different schools in which you describe why you believe that they should accept you as well as what makes you a perfect candidate for a place to study there.

Main paragraphs of application essays

The structure for such pieces is something every student is familiar with. The common application essay consists of three major parts:

  1. Introduction
  2. Main body sections
  3. Conclusion

Each of these parts has its own specifics you should take into account, and we’ll talk about them later on.

Tips for college application essays

  1. Your text should be accurate. Don’t exaggerate the experience you have in different areas and be precise with different numbers and dates.
  2. You must sound bright. Don’t just be a boring applicant who is similar to the other ones. Mention things which make you stand out of the crowd. Add particular details which make you a better candidate than others. Also, share particular moments from your life, as they’ll make you special: no one else experienced what you did.
  3. Be real. We’re all people and realize that by the time you finish school, it’s impossible to have thousands of hours of community work or twenty mission trips to help those in need. No one expects you to be that way, so keep it real.
  4. Watch your tone. People reading your pieces are all adults, and even though some jokes would be seen as hilarious by your peers, they might find them inappropriate or even offensive.

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How to write an application essay correctly

In this section, we’ll show you more great tips which will improve your piece and make it truly excellent. So, go through our list.

Search and choose a topic

Stay away from common application essay topics, or you’ll end up being dull and too standard to be picked. Come up with a new theme which will underline how unique you are!

Proper beginning for application essay

No matter what your paper centers on, it should have a proper introduction. For instance, for a study abroad application essay a good introduction might be a precise number of students who go study abroad. It’ll serve as a hook. Then you can develop it into an idea that despite a significant number of applicants for an international school, you’re unique and different from the rest. So, use a hook first and resolve it into a thesis statement.

Different ways to write main paragraphs

All you should remember here is that each section should concentrate on one particular point with all the evidence which proves this point as well as information which backs it up.

How to finish your essay correctly

Now is the time to wrap it up. And to do it properly, use these tips:

  1. Summarize what you said.
  2. Echo the thesis statement.
  3. Call readers to action or encourage them to view something differently.

How to revise your essay

Revision is vital to the quality of your text. Make sure that when you review your paper that you paid enough attention to the grammar, spelling, and other important issues. For instance, one of the things you should review is the word count. Read the prompt carefully and find out how long an application essay should be to meet that requirement.

These tips helped many students to deliver the highest quality papers. However, if you don’t feel qualified enough for this task, you can seek our assistance on any stage. We’ll help you with it in no time!