Argumentative essay on gun control

Guns. Carrying and storing guns. These are one of the most important permissions, which are given to US citizens. Guns are a constituent of freedom. How did the USA become a free country? With guns, with lots of guns, with liters of blood and many dead people. So guns are constituent of war and deaths too, but why are they allowed? Because people in US government trust their citizens, it might seem, but it isn’t the truth, I believe. US government just wants to save some time, to save some money, to let police rest. With guns, people can fight for themselves, they can prevent murder, assault or robbery. But it’s not everything: crime rate is lower with current laws about guns – criminals are just afraid. On one hand, the government has a perfect opportunity to prevent a lot of crimes, but on the other hand, it become very easy to commit a crime – anybody can get a gun. This is a perfect balance, which can be broken anytime. What can we do about it? How can we make this wall of law stronger? Probably, the government should make guns strictly controlled, then a potential criminal wouldn’t be able to buy weapons as easy as he can do it now.

The USA consists of a lot of states, which, obviously, have different laws about gun control. The Open Society Institute has made a research, about how strict are rules in all 50 states. It was made in the 2000 year, but it is still actual. According to data, they’ve collected, the strictest state is Massachusetts, and Hawaii is in the second place. Does it mean that these states are the safest to live? Not actually. The most balanced state, in this sense, is New York. There you can buy a gun pretty easy, but it still will be tracked. There is no need for the license for weapons in New York, but you have to fill out some documents about where do you live and so on. Also, people who served a prison sentence can’t buy a gun. But there are a lot of states, where you don’t even have to give your personal information to buy firearms, such as Maine, Louisiana, and Alaska. So these states are the most dangerous to live in.

If you just restrict guns, that will have a powerful effect. The crime rate will become very small, but not for a long time. There a lot of people who own weapons now (nearly 250 million weapons are in private “collection”), so criminals will just buy firearms from a usual people on eBay, for example. To buy a used weapon you don’t need to have any documents and so on. After restricting guns, there would be a chaos in the USA, just in a month. Citizens wouldn’t be able to protect themselves anymore and police will have a lot more work to do. Murderers would be everywhere, so it’s not an option.

What will happen if we just make gun owning rules softer? The same thing, again. People would start killing each other, robberies would be a usual thing, etc. That means that we just can’t do anything about this, we need to keep that balance, to stay in safe. Anyway, I think that law should become a little bit stricter, I think that rules, which are working in New York, should work in all 50 states of America. That will save us from crimes and will make getting weapons harder. In my opinion, there should be a license for weapons, which will be pretty tough to get. To buy a gun, you should pass some psychological exams and pay some taxes. Weapons are too affordable.

But, unfortunately, it is too hard to make my dreams come true, so let’s just keep everything this way.