Articles of confederation vs constitution

If we start comparing articles of confederation with constitution, we will discover a lot of differences. The Constitution was not the very first document that provided orders for the country. The Constitution was developed in 1787. However, there was another document before. Articles of confederation was affirmed in 1777 and became relevant the next year. The articles came into the power of law after their approval by Maryland, in 1781.

What are the distinctions between the two documents? What was the reason for the Constitution to replace the original treaty? In 1776, thirteen British colonies in America declared a desire to become independent from a metropolis. One year before, the fight between Great Britain and 13 colonies began and has been continuing for the next 6 years. The colonies decided to strengten their position and developed a treaty that united them within the framework in one state. This very treaty was called the articles of confederation.

Unfortunately, this agreement did not provide strict laws about economic as well as political issues, therefore, the country experienced chaos. The federal government could not depend on state legislatures only. Such big problem caused the development of the Constitution. The Continental Congress offered the states to send their representatives to Philadelphia and review the agreement in 1787. After the articles have been reviewed, the mandate of the delegates decided to reject the agreement and establish a new one that would bring the country to a decent level. A new document, called the Constitution was developed by September 17, 1787, and the formal adoption of the Constitution was first held on March 4, 1789.

Since the Constitution of the United States was taken into force, the document was necessarily changed to match the development of the country and remain effective. In total, 27 amendments were made. A new document gave a clear definition of citizenship and guaranteed an equal right to the protection of the law. All states of the America had to respect the regulations that were described in the Bill of Right. This document was written by James Madison in order to protect individual liberties. Some of the laws say about slavery prohibition, protection of the right to vote oblivious of race, color, and sex. There are a lot of regulations considering president election, such as voting, citizens rights to vote, the age limit for voting, etc.

Unlike the Constitution that is also called the basic law of the country, the original treaty did not represent one state. It was a representation of independent states. Therefore, these documents could not provide stability for a single state. The articles and the rules were followed by the Congress, which included delegates. The delegates were withdrawn at any time and replaced by others. So, there was never the same group of people who developed regulations, changed them if necessary and took care of a single state. The Congress did not have the right to tax, therefore was neglected of its own financial base. Soon, the scope of the Congress authority narrow.

Articles of Confederation did not impose the laws either their interpretation while the Constitution managed to create a severe government with big perspectives that improved the life of citizens. It is easy to see the difference between the two documents. The first one had no plans to unite all states, which lead to failure of the country being powerful and prosperous. The second one had a much bigger and positive impact on the United States. The document is considered the basic law of the country until today and ensures equal rights to all citizens.