Social Injustice Essay Sample


Educational inequality at school prevails everywhere in the world and not only in the USA. These educational injustices mean unequal opportunities for students. In education, social injustice prevents deserving, bright students to reveal their potential or demonstrate the best of their abilities because the wealthy and not so talented students prevail, show better results, and leave them behind because they can use their ‘resources’. Read more “Social Injustice Essay Sample”

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Rites of Passage Essay Sample


What is a rite of passage? Every person experiences a great number of rites of passage, but only a small group understand what it is. Rite of passage is a ceremony or action that is a sign of a new stage in someone’s life and social status. There are two the most significant rites of passage: a birth and death. However, there are a lot of other important moments in the life of every person, like birthdays, entering schools, college, and universities, graduation from the institutes of education, first working experience, marriage, children, divorce, and many other significant things that happen in the life of every person. Read more “Rites of Passage Essay Sample”

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