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Every person from a child to an adult should be aware of how to work in lab safely. Some people can think that it is unnecessary to have such knowledge because they aren’t scientists, and they have nothing in common with them. Why do they need to know how to act in a lab in this case?

Most of the people were in labs at least a couple of times in their lives. The first acquaintance with labs and work there happens at school. Chemistry, physics, and biology subjects require such thing as a lab. There are high chances that someone can get hurt, if not to follow certain rules. It is understandable why high school and college students should know these rules, but why adults also should be aware of them? In most of the cases, adults are responsible for children, and it is their direct duty to explain these rules and their importance to the children. Apart from this, they should be able to give first aid in case some accident happens in a lab. These are the reasons why it is to know the basic rules of behavior in the biology, physics, and chemistry labs.

The most dangerous lab is chemistry because there are a lot of chemical substances that can be very dangerous for people. The second in the rate is physics lab, and the least dangerous is a biology lab. Some of the safety rules are identical when others are completely different. In general, biology laboratory safety rules state it is unsafe to work alone; it is essential to wear appropriate clothes and wear glasses and gloves; it is necessary to be careful with sharp objects; it is obligatory to wash hands before and after visiting laboratory; it is unsafe to touch eyes skins and different personal objects with unclean hands; it is necessary to call for help immediately in case of some accident; it is essential to follow the given instructions; and it is forbidden to take equipment without permission.

The chemistry laboratory safety rules contain the rules mentioned about the biology lab. However, they include a few more. First of all, it is essential to understand that a chemistry laboratory is a dangerous place because there are a lot of different chemical substances that are very dangerous. They can be explosive, flammable, and poisonous. This means that it is essential to be careful when transporting and working with them. Before start working with some chemical, it is necessary to get know maximum information about it in order to be safe. Apart from this; it is forbidden to taste anything, to heat, measure, and mix any chemicals in from of a face; it is forbidden to return chemicals back to the stock container, and it is forbidden to play with any chemicals.

The physics laboratory rules are a bit simpler than the other ones because there are that many dangerous chemicals. However, there are other dangerous, and it is also necessary to be very careful. It is also unsafe to work alone in the laboratory. Apart from this; it is necessary to test all apparatus for defects before providing any experiments because it is forbidden to used broken equipment, including glasses and thermometers; it is necessary to be careful when dealing with electrical devices, and it is forbidden to take any equipment without permission.

The most important working in any laboratory is to be careful and attentive. In most of the cases, there are rules about everything written somewhere in the lab, it is just necessary to find them. Don’t forget that lab isn’t a place for games and jokes. Unfortunately, such joke sometimes can be harmful and even lethal.

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