Marijuana Legalization Essay Sample


There are a great number of debates about the legalization of marijuana today. Some people may think that it is crazy to make it legalized because it is a dangerous drug, when others, who know the truth, are sure that legalization of marijuana has more advantages, than disadvantages.

Yet, the society has its beliefs and it is very difficult to fight with them. If people want to know the truth about marijuana, it is essential to get to know the history of this plant and find out about the future that can be if to legalize it.

Most of the people are completely sure that marijuana is illegal because it is a dangerous drug. It makes people addicted and forces them to do different dangerous and event violent things. However, it will be interesting to know that marijuana was made illegal not because of this, but because of economic and racial reasons. Hemp is a plant that can be used for making paper and plastics. Moreover, it is more affordable method than the usage of trees. Such businessmen as William Randolph Hearst and DuPont did everything to make it illegal, otherwise, they would lose a fortune. Apart from this, marijuana was quite popular among Mexican immigrants. Americans didn’t greet them with open arms because, at the period of the Great Depression, they believed that Mexicans stole their jobs. As they made marijuana illegal, they got a right to arrest people, who smoked it and send back to their country.

It wouldn’t be wrong to state that marijuana is completely safe. However, the danger is exaggerated and the benefits are underestimated. First of all, it is necessary to mention that it is used for medical purposes. Ancient people knew about the good qualities of this plant. Nowadays, it is proved that it can be helpful for a variety of health problems. They include glaucoma, nausea, pain relief, and movement disorders. Apart from this, marihuana can be used an appetite stimulant for people who suffer from AIDS, who patients, who need to go through chemotherapy. It will be a right decision to legalize it only for this. However, there are a great number of other reasons that can help understand that legalization of marijuana is a right decision.

In the first place, it essential to understand that this plant is much less addictive than nicotine, heroine and even alcohol. Moreover, even if to smoke it regularly, the chance to die from it is very low. According to statistics, every year alcohol is the reason for about 85000 deaths. It wasn’t recorded any death caused by marijuana. There are some problems that it causes, like short term memory damage and reduced lung capacity, but it is much safer than other legal but dangerous things. A lot of people think if to legalize marijuana, children will have an access to it. Yet, according to the recent survey, it is much easier to get it than alcohol. If to legalize it, it will be possible to set certain rules that limit the access of young people according to age. The number of dealers will be lower, and the number of places where to get this drug will be less. The country wins if to decide to make it legal because it will be possible to get about 2 billion dollars annually from selling it.

There are no strong reasons to keep it illegal accept the belief that it is dangerous. People should understand that everything has two sides, and a good side of the legalization of marijuana is bigger than a bad side. People don’t see this, but it is possible to develop the economy of the country and help a lot of the patients if to make it legal for everyone.

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