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During a lifetime, every person set dozens, hundreds, and even thousands of personal goals. Some of them are very small, like a desire to buy a new book every month. Other goals are big, and when people do everything possible to reach them, they change themselves and their lives for better or worse.

It can be a desire to become a famous singer or scientist, or it can be a desire to help as many people as possible, or it can be a desire to lose weight. Every goal big or small is important because all of them change people, help them develop, and make them, who they are. The only bad thing is in a desire to reach a goal – people are doing it no matter anything. Unfortunately, very often in such situations, the goals lose their importance. I am the same as the other people, and I have a couple of very important goals in my life.

Probably, the most significant goal that I have in my life is a happy family. I grew up in a small town with a close and loving people. I know what it means to have a friendly family. My mom and my dad are my best friends, and I know that they will do anything for me, the same as I do everything for them. Our family isn’t perfect. It also went through hard times and fights, but they always were ready to support each other and me in hard times. I want the same for me. I know that life can be hard, rude, and unfair, and I want to have someone, who always will be on my side. Unfortunately, to reach this goal is very hard because the success depends not only on me but also on my future husband. The first step on my way to this goal is to choose the right man. Probably, it is very difficult to do this, but I have a few criteria that will help me in this question: he should be kind, hardworking, reliable, and with a good sense of humor. The second step on my way to the goal is a good relationship. I’m confident that it is very important to build relationship properly from the very beginning. I think that it is necessary to be kind, patient, and honest with your partner. Apart from this, it is necessary to be able to forgive and laugh when everything is bad. I know that these rules are effective, but I also know that they don’t guarantee anything. Yet, I hope that at the end of my life I will be able to say that I reached my goal.

The other goal I have isn’t that abstract as the previous one. I just want to become a teacher of literature in some school. However, my goal isn’t to be just a teacher, I want to be a good teacher. It is also very important for me because I think that to be a teacher is my vocation. I like children, and I’m sure that I’m able to teach them something useful. Right now I’m at college. I’m finishing the second year. However, I already do everything that I can to become a good teacher. Apart from the subjects that are necessary for me, I also attend psychology courses, because I think that it will help me to understand people and their needs better.

Apart from the goals I mentioned, there are many others. Yet, these two goals are the most important for me now, and I hope this won’t change in the future. I know that it can be a long and complicated path on my way to these goals, but I’m ready to meet challenges and overcome obstacles. I won’t give up in any case.

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