Social Injustice Essay Sample


Educational inequality at school prevails everywhere in the world and not only in the USA. These educational injustices mean unequal opportunities for students. In education, social injustice prevents deserving, bright students to reveal their potential or demonstrate the best of their abilities because the wealthy and not so talented students prevail, show better results, and leave them behind because they can use their ‘resources’.

This situation is not only bad and destructive for the students that fall behind but it also is a threat to the country’s economic growth because the talented students are not given a chance to develop their abilities so that they may contribute to the development of the country and to the technological progress that is beneficial for all the mankind.

A lot of children in the US and in the UK have to leave school so early because they have to work to earn their living and support their families. Lack of access to the education is considered to be one of many roads to poverty. If we want to get rid of inequality in our society, we should take measures to prevent educational failure on an individual and community levels.

Students cannot benefit from universal education because there are educational injustices that can be found in practically all educational establishments. Here are some examples. Colleges and universities in the US are divided taking into account their prestige level and rank. The factors that contribute to the category of a certain educational institution may be accessibility to internship, study abroad programs, enthusiastic professors, useful resources like a Writing Center, or clubs and extracurricular activities. These factors also determine the disproportion of opportunity.

We cannot really compare the levels of education given at the Columbia University or Harvard that belong to the Ivy League and at some community college where you do not need anything except a high school diploma for admission.

Students are also classified using specific criteria such as level of aptitude and social class. Students are divided by their apparent intelligence and in this way they, are denied access to the prestigious college or university if their grades do not qualify. In the same way, students from families with low income cannot afford to attend college where they have to pay $60,000 for tuition and residency every year, even if they have strong academic abilities to study in that school and cope with the program of studies.

In this way, we see that educational system is organized with the right to discriminate. One of the main criteria that can determine the right to higher education should be considered the student’s desire to go to college to learn. The key factor that guarantees success is the wish to achieve it. All students should be given a chance to go to the prestigious college if they are willing because in this case, they deserve the right to get that right quality education.

The contemporary educational system does not offer the best value of education to all students but only to few selected ones.

The education system should be more flexible since the USA promotes the value of education. Education should not have any conditions, selectiveness, and requirements. All students deserve that right to get a better start in life and they should not be deprived of it just because there exist unnecessary restrictions.

Social justice in education cannot be achieved if we only build schools that provide free of cost education to all students. The authorities should ensure that there is no discrimination that is based on gender, color or religion. School should practice social justice principles.

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