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In my opinion, Eminem is one of the most genius artists in the world. His biography inspires and convinces that everything is possible. He is a poor boy without the father, who succeed and proved that desire is more powerful than you can even imagine.

“Not afraid” – the first single from the seventh Eminem’s studio album “Recovery” (2010). It had an unexpected success in spite of some criticism. It was called less affecting than his other songs, because of sudden changing of the theme. But I am sure, it is the best song ever! Eminem tells us about his struggles and triumphs, encouraging us to achieve our goals as well. It makes me feel inspired, prompts me to do something and never be afraid of changes or even mistakes.

The style of song is sufficiently specific. Despite the fact that tone is C Minor, it sounds convincing. We do not feel sorry for his thorny destiny, “ride” as he calls it in the first line of the Intro. And it is awesome! We can admire Marshall’s patience and perseverance in order to become just like him.

The instrumentation of song includes guitars, drums, bass instruments, keyboards and main vocals. They refused to use an Autotune.

The lyrics of “I’m not afraid” is very interesting on the part of literary devices. In the Intro, he uses allegory, figurative treatment of one subject under the guise of another.

He says: “I guess I had to go to that place to get to this one
Now some of you might still be in that place”

He implies the period of his depression caused by drugs. And in the next 2 lines, he says that the lyrics of the song can be guidance for everybody, who has similar problems

Also, he uses lots of metaphors. For instance:

“I’ve been through the wringer”

Wringer is an apparatus or machine for squeezing liquid out of anything wet, so for a human, it will be really painful. There it means painful experience and can have at least 2 explanation. First one is Eminem’s tough childhood and drug addiction. And the second one when he broke the addiction. He got rid of it like clothes get rid of water after wringer.

One more literary device, which he used, is a paraphrase. He says


“Whether he’s on salary, paid hourly”

So, here we can see that Eminem uses a lot of literary devices in his lyrics that makes it more interesting and saturated. Metaphors, allegories, wordplay and it is not the full list. Impressive, isn’t it?

Album “Recovery” shows the full range of emotions and periods. There you can find hate, insecure, anger, despair, hope, and finally simple human happiness and love. “Not afraid” convince us to follow our dreams and never give up. Only in this way, can we succeed and become happy.

Moreover, the way Eminem portray himself affects how we feel listening to this song. Maybe it is because I am a big fan and know all his biography in details. Actually, I am sure that everyone will be impressed and inspired by this song and its lyrics. But if someone else sang it, it wouldn’t have such success, because presentation is the most important part. You have to live it before you would sing or rap about it.

So, it is obviously, Eminem is genius and his rap as well. The lyrics are rich in literary devices, what makes it unique. And the role of rapper in song’s reputation is difficult to underestimate.

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