Decriptive essay

Descriptive essay regardless their topics are creative pieces which focus on describing different details of some object, person, situation, or even scenery. It aims to show the details of something in such a manner that readers can relive the situation with them.

Even though it sounds very easy, not all of our students know where to start and what to write about. So, once they receive an assignment from their tutors, they start panicking about it. For this reason, we have decided to help them out here and inform that they’ve got a better choice.

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In this article, we also want you to know how to write such a piece on your own. So, read our tips and see how easy it can be once you know the right way.

The best way to write good descriptive essays

There are many ways to do it but meet the most practical one here.

Before you start writing

Among all the steps in writing descriptive essays, the first one is the most important one: realize what such writing is all about and what stages it has to go through.

What is a descriptive essay?

Such articles center around giving a description to something or someone. Thus, you should focus on different details you fond important. It’s as if you’re taking your readers and leading them through this experience.

Main paragraphs of descriptive essays

To achieve such an effect, you should stick to proper structure of the text. For instance, if you need to compose a short descriptive essay about love, you’ll need to start with an interesting fact about this feeling, then develop a good thesis statement and go to the main body sections. Each section should describe one particular aspect of love with clear examples and evidence of your point. Finally, they should all resolve into a proper conclusion.

Main tips on writing a descriptive essay

We’ll only mention one tip which when used can make all the difference. The tips is: “Show, don’t tell!”

Most students make a common mistake when try to describe something from their own perspective. Instead, we highly recommend you using readers’ five sense and implementing them in your text. Describe how it smelled like, what it tasted like, what it felt like when you touched it, etc. readers must experience everything about a situation you’re talking about.

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What’s a correct way to compose such pieces?

To prevent any possible mistakes you might make, save our simple guidance on how to write such articles.

Search and choose an excellent topic

You might be given a theme, but unless it’s true, opt for something you’re in love with. If you’re fond of skydiving, describe one particular experience you had with it.

Correct beginning for descriptive essays

Start right: choose a hook which will keep readers intrigued and fascinated from the first seconds of reading.

Different ways to write main paragraphs

Don’t opt for standard approaches. The only thing you should keep standard about main body is the fact that one section should evolve around one aspect not to lose readers’ focus. Other than that, be creative, add controversy, include unknown fun facts to your writing, and select different ways to work with such pieces.

What’s a proper conclusion like?

Correct conclusions should make an unforgettable impression on your readers. They aim to specify what exactly you proved with your essay as well as how the information your reader got can influence and change the current situation, make sure you stated how valuable what you said is as well as how readers can utilize your conclusions and findings. Don’t shy away!

How to make a revision of your essay.

Writing isn’t everything one should do here: good revision is vital to the quality of your pieces.

  1. Get some time off. You need to look at your piece in a new fresh way which is impossible unless you spend some time not working on it.
  2. Divide the work into blocks. For instance, start with the simple revision of your possible misspellings, then proceed to the grammar check and finally proofread your essay.
  3. Get help. Your peers, parents or even tutors can help you by looking at your texts from their own perspective.
  4. Use technological solutions. You can download special programs or use them online to help you with revision. Thus, Grammarly can check your spelling and grammar, while Hemingway can check the text’s flow.

With our practical tips you’re ready to create an amazing piece. But if you still don’t feel sure about it contact us and get a custom essay made by professionals in no time.