Future goals

My father always told me, that the important thing to achieve your best dreams is to have future goals. The meaning of the word future is different for everyone. It was clear for me, that I could pursue all of my dreams on the life road. The key is just to set up the right goals and build your own way to complete them.

When it comes to select your future college – make sure, that it fulfills your ambition and goals. Since the early age, I have big interest in politics, mainly because of my father and his thoughtful analysis of different news. I read tons of books about different politicians, and the first thing I always noticed was their goals. Almost all of them had a clear view of their future steps towards great career, even though it was interrupted by some problems. It motivated me to build and create my own future goals.

The first thing I wanted to achieve – is to become a student of good and well-known college. It was also a dream of my parents, actually, it is a dream of every parent to watch their kid goes to the good college. Before my first classes – I already knew that I want to learn international politics, economics and other important subjects. It was also a big part of my future goals, because I wanted to become a specialist in this field, learn everything to continue my adventure.

The role of the spirit is very important. It can show how truly a person wants to fight in order to complete his/her goals. This was a key element of my goals too. Without that, I would not feel myself so confident. To break someone’s spirit – is very easy, especially during the college years. Sometimes, people blindly follow their goals, ignoring the serious aspects of modern life. The last one can hit you with a hard punch, leaving you spiritless. The understanding of real life and real world – is also one of the reasons to achieve successfully your future goals. For me, it was the main reason – due to my high interest in politics. I knew that even after learning endless information – I could break myself. It wouldn’t happen, since I strongly was motivated by different historical examples, and it would be stupid to repeat same mistakes.

My main future goal was to become a good politician, even though it is really hard to achieve it. For completing this difficult task, the understanding of real world was very important. To feel what people really need, to feel what think about is very good way to build the right character and to show them, that you are on the same page.

The lack of enthusiasm and motivation is a bad thing, it can block you on a way to your future goals. I never had problems with motivation, it was a combine result of my parents’ upbringing and influence of books. My strong enthusiasm helped me to understand every detail of the real world and real politics, which was also the main reason of my high grades. I saw myself moving in to the right direction.

Very important to build your own plan of achieving future goals. You need to follow them, as much as you can. It not only builds your character, but also helps you to understand what you really want to get from life. Motivation, enthusiasm, knowledge, experience – those are key elements of the future goals. You must have them in order to prove the whole world that you really a capable person and your difficult way was worth it.