Is the American dream still alive?

Throughout the history of United States, a term of “American Dream” has it special place. Many nationalities, who came to discover a new life for themselves on the big territory of America, have their own example of so-called American Dream. Mostly, it is the case of beginning life from nothing to achieve something good. The main things did not change since that time – hard work, passion, enthusiasm, refreshed patriotic feelings and huge respect of new homeland.

America was always attractive for people, and the main reason was a huge amount of freedom – that can create a lot of opportunities for different people. However, the last few decades bring negative statistics and some doubt in existence of such dream.

It is never easy to chase any type of dream. American Dream has various meanings for every of those, who tried to reach it. The classic interpretation consists of few steps: moving to the USA, getting an education and getting a job, which will bring you benefits. To realize your dream always requires financial background, especially when it comes to moving to another country. As it was, and it is now – the only barrier that could stop you to achieve your dream – money.

In this case, you cannot fight against the system – you need to get a high education in order to have a well-paid job. So the whole plan looks like the future investment. You need to pay – if you want to stay. Still, it does not mean that the only chance to pursue your American Dream is to get an American education. People figured out different ways to stay and to live in America.

Another meaning of American dream – is to become a successful person no matter what. Through any field of activities, it was achievable to build your own way. Sport, science, theater, movie industry or business created so many successful persons, and everyone has their own inspiring or heartbreaking stories. It is not a secret that the success of America was built by a huge stream of incoming immigrants. That important historical fact played its role in creating of well-known term – American Dream.

Nowadays, when people face huge unemployment and financial instability, the question of American Dream became more popular. Many thoughts and doubts raised a lack of confidence in those people, who planned to reach America. Is it still alive? Is it possible for a person, who does not have enough money to survive in such stressful conditions? Well, it is hard to answer. Mainly, because the humanity proved almost in each century, that the combination of strong confidence, iron will, hard work and high spirit is enough to achieve everything you want. No matter what blocks you to complete your dream – you can break it. Millions of people have achieved their American Dreams, and millions are waiting to get their chance.

It is important to understand that American Dream does not instantly give you a good life, house or a job. It can only create for you a chance, to start your own fight for a good future. The result is totally depending on you, and almost equal to your efforts. Sometimes it requires sacrificing your life in order to get and feel your desired American Dream. After thousands of stories, the formula of success is very clear – hard work and strong patience can guide you through rough and tough times. It helps to remind people how important and hard the way to a dream can be. In the same time, it can motivate not to give up and continue to chase the American Dream. In the end, you will feel the final result.