Mark Twain Advice to youth essay

Mark Twain is well-known as a sarcastic writer, with a brilliant sense of humor, profound knowledge in different subjects which helped him to be the person we all know him. Life in the USA in the end of XIX-beginning of XXth century was not easy, like many years before that but the problems had become much deeper and wider than demarking the territory or deciding which races have a chance to live on that prosperous land. After years of traveling Mark Twain has built his own views on how to be a good person or at least pretend to be like that. These ideas he suggested to the young hearers in his short speech in 1882: as usual it was straight to the point, witty and thanks God not forbidden by the government like some of his early articles and novels.

The pieces of advice, which Mark Twain gives to the audience touch the most important and vivid questions in life and they reflect his own ideas of how to live life and which principles to follow. For example, Mark Twain is known for his strong support of civil rights and anti-imperial ideas. The older he got the more radical he became and never missed a chance to express his thoughts, as usual with humor and honesty that had scared so much before. Just listen to his words about the lark that can be a personal pet since you can always train him and nobody will really know if he does his job great or not. Thus, nobody knows the real time when you get up. Who cares at all? Reputation is one of the fundamental aims in life. Of course, it’s a little joke but with such a sense that only Mark Twain could introduce it to others without being blamed with absurdity.

Question of generations is raised in this speech as one of the main. Mark Twain who has never spent much time with his own family and parents in young age advised to the hearers to obey their parents. Why? Has he come to this conclusion with years and maybe tried to make those young people avoid some mistakes that he has ever made in his own life? Or maybe he tried to give them an advice how to make life easier? However, the main idea of this advice is to show the young people in the room that if they do not obey their parents will make them obey and there is no other choice. So, why not to make this unenviable fate much less tragic and painful?

His words of lie and how to behave with this “thing” in daily life make think carefully and try to read between the lines since it’s full of hints and sarcasm. Without doubts lie exists in our life and humans can’t build their happy life without it. Does he defend white lie maybe? No words about it. The main lesson that youth must learn is to practice as much as possible to make this skill majestic and so nobody has a chance to guess whether there is a word of lie or not. From his own experience Mark Twain knew what it means to suffer from lie and so he believed he would not have done so many mistakes if one day in the past he had started to learn this necessary in the modern world science.

In this narration, Mark Twain tries to show his thoughts and his attitude to the war through which he has gone before. He has always been anti-imperialist and once again he proves with his words that firearm brings only suffer, pain, much blood and broken hearts and expectations.

Once young heart follows these instructions, said Mark Twain, one day in the future it will feel gratitude for the years of hard work while learning how to respect life itself.