My dream vacation

Since I was a little boy, I traveled a lot with my parents around the world. Oceans, rivers, mountains, castles, islands – those places I still remember. That is why I like to travel now, with my own family. After hard ten months of work, I decided to make the plan a dream vacation.

It was not easy to decide, which part of the world we want to discover and to see. After not long negotiations with my wife, we decided to take a trip to Europe. It was our dream to visit every country in the European Union and to increase our knowledge about European Traditions. The plan was simple: France – England – Germany – Netherlands – Italy and the last stop would be Spain.

The first thing we must prepare was a visa. Of course, I did not take much time and later, we booked our tickets. The first fly to Paris, was very excited, as we finally reached the capital of love and endless romantic. The atmosphere the whole was great as visited as many famous places as we could. After two amazing days in France, we went to London, where everything looks like familiar to you except the difference in language. Discovering the heart of United Kingdom was very interesting for us, as we learned some new things about English culture and its people. Three days were interesting, excited and useful, and later, we changed our direction to Germany. First expectations for my wife and me were difficult since not all people could understand English and it created some problems. However, it did not spoil our trip, quite in the opposite, it just added a few more emotions as we discovered the lifestyle of Germans, their culture habits, and favorite activities. Only two days we spent there, and we took a bus to Amsterdam. This city amazed us with different people, especially how open and kind they are to American tourists. The dream vacation was about to end, as we had only two countries to visit. Italy, their food traditions and endless love for wine were not a surprise for us. We read a lot of information before our trip, it helped us to open a special place in our hearts for this country. The time has flown fast, as we were sitting in Barcelona’s café-shop. The amazing atmosphere of Spanish soul inspired us to return there one more time. The beautiful Spanish beach with its soft and hot sand created a very romantic evening under the sky of Barcelona. Also, we experienced some problems with language in Span too, but it was not enough to make us unhappy. The last hours of our dream vacation were sweet and pleasant, the endless number of taken photos and many positive emotions left us very satisfied. Not only those countries gave us different feelings, the numerous facts that we discovered was also the key element of our European trip.

When was at home, we had already planned the next trip. Hard to say, how it will be – but we already know what we want to visit. The dream vacation was successfully completed, and we have plenty of good memories on our Facebook pages. I dare say that it is very important for everyone to travel around the world as much as possible. It helps to discover you different nationalities, countries, cultures and other positive or even negative things about people. In our case, we brought our little dream into reality and had no regrets. Everything that we went through this trip, helped us to understand the difference between countries in our world. Traveling is a very inspiring thing, and it really worth.