My short-term and long-term goals

Success. We constantly hear this powerful word when we talk to anyone and do absolutely everything. In our time we have nearly a perfect scheme on how to be successful: society will know that you’re successful if you show your progress every now and then. Even when you want to have a good first impression – you talk about your achievements and things you can be proud of. And obviously, if you want to be recognized in a society as a successful person, you need to achieve youк personal goals and every day become a better version of yourself.

To be honest, just a few months ago my own short-term targets definitely needed a great improvement. I always used to put my work in a long line and waited until I had the last day to finish it. But after one pity situation when I lost an opportunity to have my dream come true, I finally decided to change my “always in a hurry” lifestyle on a punctual one. And that’s when I really changed my life.

Now I have several short-term goals I need to deal with within this June. And the hardest one is passing my university exams. This semester we have quite an intense exam session, although the studying itself seemed to be one of the easiest for all the time. To reach this aim I have to work hard for the next two weeks and just then I’m going to meet the real summer season.

My other important short-term target is starting earning my own money. I am enormously determined to reach this one because recently I achieved the age of 20 years old, the age when most young people have already found some earnings and started to grow up in their chosen career. I absolutely don’t want to lag behind others because I have my own talents, so why not using them?

The last goal I wish to achieve in a short period of time should be a resumption of my dance trainings and sport sessions. I presume that sport is a huge part of my life, but for the last month I had no time for improving my body and health. So, I’ve already promised myself to restart spending time usefully and this week I’m going to write a precise schedule for my open-door and dancing sport, which absolutely add an optimistic note in my life.

Although I got used to put real short-term aims and achieve them, my most amazing and interesting plans are the ones I’m looking forward in next several years. To start with, I have just one year of bachelor degree left, that’s why I already think about the place I want to continue studying in. Honestly, there are two main variants where I would like to get my MBA. The first one is Holland and the second is Canada. They might seem as quite different countries with a variety of ways to reach my dream, but I guess they both would be perfect for me.

Holland is always associated for me as a country of freedom. Not USA, but Holland. I already have some friends over there and all of them show their magnificent and also relaxed attitude to life. And, moreover, the level of studying is still one of the best in the world! I’m in love with this country. On the other hand, I always felt some sort of connection with Canada. As a nature-lover, I was impressed by its beauty, and living there at least for a few months would make me the happiest person.

And finally, my biggest aim ever and the strongest wish at the same time is moving to Australia. That is the goal I’m sure in on one hundred percent because about three months ago I realized that this is the country of my life. I don’t even want to explain why to anyone, I just feel it in the depth of my heart. And I know that after achieving everything I want on this part of our planet, I’ll move to this wonderful place as soon as I can.

I strongly believe that most of my goals will be achieved and I will do my best to make my life perfect.