Neat people vs sloppy people

Have you ever thought of who you are? Of course, this question may seem to you a bit strange, especially because it is stated in the first paragraph. Nevertheless, everyone who is going to read this short essay has a very good opportunity to think about his organization skills and resources and I will try to present my opinion as clearly as possible. Mind the one thing: I am just a common man, who tries to find out the solutions of important problems and not a professional analyst or scientist, so if my thoughts are not your cup of tea – just don’t mention it. Now I will start.

Imagine a situation: all the people of the world were not only settled on one land but also gathered in one small hut. What are your feelings? – Very extraordinary, don’t you see? Everyone is busy with his own things, all the types of character are crossing their way every time and every day, everyone muses about something that is interesting just to him and no one else. But is there an exit of all this? What will happen with this hut after some time? No doubt, that shortly afterward, it will break, burst, explode or anything else that is possible to add here.

But what are the reasons of such contrast? To my mind, it is impossible to count all them because this essay will never be completed and it is not my aim for today, so I will just stop on one factor which is called the organization. Almost nothing could be done without preparation. Imagine you are going for walk in the evening. What are you going to do in this case before getting out of your flat or house? Maybe, first of all, you should put on your shoes and coat, secondly turn off the light, then take your keys, go out of the flat, and lock the door. This is a common instance of an order of a daily action, which you follow to do it properly. But there are some people who want to be originals and they are focused on the process but not on the result.

To be honest, I do not think that people can be just neat or just sloppy because we behave ourselves differently in one another situation. For example, when you are working from home, you are occupied with plenty of documents and there is no place for even a cup of tea; you are sitting in front of computer and printing text. This is the atmosphere of a “job mess” and in this case you are sloppy. Another situation would be when you are walking around the night city and for example dreaming about your future holidays without hurrying up. In this case, you are neat.

Of course, the instances, which I presented you above, may seem to be not completed or too simple. Nevertheless, the first question is as important as it was at the beginning. Who are you? Do you like sitting at home and watching TV or you spend the whole time on trains and planes, crossing roads and highways in search of adventure? This way we can find out what facilities are crucial for each type. For example, neat people are not energetic; they like staying at home and listen the sound of rain, reading books. Science is their cup of tea. On the other hand, sloppy people are restless and they never know the end of what they do.

To conclude, every type of people has its pros and cons, so we should just be ourselves and no matter what they say.