Should College Athletes Be Paid

There has been much said whether college athletes should or shouldn’t be paid while studying in a college. Currently, this industry owns billion dollars and the figures increase each day. It’s very simple: if you are fast, strong and big you’ll generate a lot of money. There are equal numbers of people, who support and who are against to pay athletes for their sports efforts. College athletics have become extremely popular among the Americans, which respectively increased the profit of NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association).


  • Support their families: it would be great if college players are able to help financially their families. They need a good meal and maybe, even send some money back to their homes. The majority of them came from urban areas and families with low income. They often leave the school because become the main provider for the family.
  • Staying longer at school: if they had enough money, they wouldn’t leave school so early. Enough cash will give them chance to continue education and get a degree.
  • Reduces corruption: a good compensation to athletes will reduce the corruption from agents. There have been always scandals when players took money. Without, any doubts, if they have dollars a lot of these situations would be prevented.
  • A full-time job- many believe that being a college athlete is equal to working full-time. In the morning a player gets up early, before classes he goes to the gym, gets some lift, then goes to classes, studies and finishes his day with a homework or preparation for the test. He doesn’t even have time for a part-time job to get extra money for café, movie or dinner. Some of them work late at night, earning $7 per hour and come back completely exhausted. But when the season starts those, who work even part-time can’t do that. They have to train and play all the time.


  • Irresponsibility - many would agree that college amateur players are a real disaster when get some money. They do not know how to spend them and waste everything on various stupid things. Moreover, there would be no one, who would help them with financial decisions.
  • Not Equal Compensation: ok, the players receive money, but how this process would be organized? How much would each of them be given? Will each of them receive the same or the sum would depend on something? In fact, this moment would bring a lot of problems and hostility between the players.
  • Athletes may skip classes: if these kids get money, they’ll stop attending the classes. Moreover, the majority of them already do not want going there. A lot of them receive grades without doing anything, so an additional compensation will complicate everything.
  • Reduce competitive nature: if they get money, it will become their only motivation. They may lose the passion, which we see now. There are so many supporters of the college play, as they believe it has more love and passion. So, paying them more can easily distract players from their true motivation.
  • It’s difficult: paying college athletes can bring a lot of financial problems. In fact, only a few sports bring money, such as basketball and football, the rest are cash strapped. So should only basketball and football players be paid? It isn’t fair.

In fact, college sport won’t exist without its players. It’s not good that these hard-working students do not get additional benefits for their efforts. All of them deserve decent financial support because they generate a big profit each year. Everyone would agree that college athletes work the hardest in the world. They do not only study but have a strict sports schedule.