Why college education is important for me

There is a tradition in American families to collect money for college if a child was born. That perfectly underlines the importance of education in the American life-style. Of course, not all parents can afford a college for their kids. For them, it is a dream.

So why a college education is so important for kids? Any education is helpful for human’s life. Without education, the humanity would not have any chances to survive, and education makes us better and smarter. There are many examples of people, who achieved their best careers by not going or by dropping the college. But most people consider getting a college education as their main and important goal. A college education can help young people to change their outlook, to learn something new about different fields of science before they enter the real world.

Parents often decide, in which college their kid have to go. Later, it creates many problems, because parents’ pick did not suit for their child. That is why it is very important to discuss the future. In the same time, young people face the real problem, when they simply do not know what they to do. They are not confident in their choices, and parents must decide in which direction “throw” their beloved kid.

As for American culture and educational system, college is the very important step for young people before maturation. College years can prepare young students for real life, by giving them tough and hard situations. These situations can be different: study or personal life problems, or even the future choices. The college education gives them the main basis of knowledge. It is a good way to jump into the future, by choosing two possible ways: sport or science. College strongly motivates students to make right choices, to learn about everything that they need in order to become a well-educated person. Young people have a lot of opportunities to find their new interests in various things. The college education is the perfect chance to continue future study in the good university. Different programs offer young students a lot of benefits, such as scholarship. For young boys who prefer sport, there is a good chance to show their best, by playing for his college and later for the University. As the result, they have the high advantage to be selected as players for National Leagues, especially in basketball, football or baseball.

The job prospects are highly bonded with a college education. Many American companies have the rule to hire only those applicants, who went and ended college. If a young person strongly interested in getting a good-paid job with future prospects, considering college education is first and the best step to do it. The importance of education plays a big role in any job if it comes to some serious fields. There is not an option to ignore college education; otherwise, young people have miserable chances to build their bright future.

Education has a great impact on modern life. Getting two or even three degrees, became a very popular thing. When it comes to college education, most young people fully understand that they need to choose any college they want. They understand how important college education, and how hard to achieve something good in this life, without any education. Even those people, who became very rich and popular, eventually underlined the importance of education, as they pointed out that it was a big mistake to drop or to ignore college. People, especially young people, must never ignore education. Education makes them better and helps the whole country to build a good, educated, wise, smart and wonderful nation.